The Secure Bancard Formula: Mentorship, Risk-Taking, and Operational Excellence

Episode 1 September 21, 2023 00:30:00
The Secure Bancard Formula: Mentorship, Risk-Taking, and Operational Excellence
Payments Ground Game
The Secure Bancard Formula: Mentorship, Risk-Taking, and Operational Excellence

Sep 21 2023 | 00:30:00


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Elaina Smith Kevin Smith

Show Notes

As entrepreneurs in the payments industry, we've experienced the highs and lows of building and running an Independent Sales Organization (ISO). In this episode, we share our personal stories, memorable moments, and the pivotal role mentorship has played in our success. Here are three key takeaways from the episode:

1️⃣ Embrace Opportunities for Growth: Our decision to start our own business was driven by the desire to escape the limitations of a corporate environment and build something meaningful. We explore the power of saying "yes" to new experiences and taking on challenges that stretch our capabilities.

2️⃣ Cultivating a Collaborative Culture: At Secure Bancard, we value mentorship and believe in providing learning opportunities to our team. We discuss the importance of fostering a collaborative culture where employees are encouraged to explore different areas of the business and continuously expand their knowledge. Together, we've built a team that is not afraid to embrace change and drive innovation.

3️⃣ Lessons from the Past: Our past experiences at various companies and environments have shaped our approach to building Secure Bancard. We reflect on the valuable skills, knowledge, and insights we gained throughout our journey, and how they have influenced our current practices. We emphasize the importance of learning from the past while adapting to an ever-evolving industry.

Make sure to tune in to the latest episode of Payments Ground Game to discover the untold story of Secure Bancard and gain valuable insights into building and running an ISO. Stay ahead of the game and join us on this exciting podcasting journey!

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