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Most ISOs are built on the foundation of a successful and productive sales force. But as they grow, many struggle to build an effective and efficient operational back office to adequately support those sales. On ...more

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May 14, 2024 00:28:47
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Decoding Acquiring BINs: From Setup to Daily Management

In this episode, hosts Kevin and Elains Smtih unravel the complexities of Aqcuiring Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) and their pivotal role in the payment...



April 30, 2024 00:47:29
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Disrupting the Payment Industry's Legacy Tech Stack: An Inside Look with Secure Bancard CTO Billy Boozer

On this episode of Payments Ground Game, hosts Kevin and Elaina Smith are joined by guest, Billy Boozer, the new CTO at Secure Bancard. ...



April 17, 2024 00:49:33
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The Power of Intentional Growth in the Payments Industry: The SONA Story

In this episode, we delve deep into the core of what makes a business thrive.   Join us as we unpack the journey of Ryan...



March 28, 2024 00:38:11
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Navigating Industry Shows: Networking, Transition, and Tradition with John McCormick

In this episode of Payments Ground Game, we welcome John McCormick, a seasoned industry connector who played a pivotal role in establishing the Southeast...



March 22, 2024 00:31:38
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The Evolving ISO Model: A Look at Payment Processing's Future

In this episode of Payments Ground Game, hosts Kevin & Elaina Smith are joined by a special guest, James Shepherd, a well known industry...



January 22, 2024 00:30:32
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Building a Lasting Payments Business: Strategies for Sustainable Growth

In this episode of Payments Ground Game podcast, hosts Kevin and Elaina Smith explore the rugged terrain of long-term strategies and goal setting. We...